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When buying bamboo products should pay attention to what issues


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When buying bamboo products should pay attention to what issues

I believe many of my friends' homes will have some furniture or utensils made of bamboo. Bamboo products are not only inexpensive, pure and environmentally friendly but also have superior heat absorption capabilities. But when buying bamboo products, I believe many of my friends will ask, "What kind? The bamboo products are more durable?” The following Xiao Bian will introduce the two things that need special attention when buying bamboo products.
First, a solid structure, smooth surface
When you purchase, you should check whether the tightness is even and whether the end of the bamboo strip is loose. Observe whether the surface of the bamboo products is smooth, glossy, and whether the colors are the same. Whether the gaps between the bamboo strips are fine, equidistant, and whether there are cracks or fractures.
Second, no trace of insects
Bamboo products are vulnerable to insects. Special attention should be paid to the presence or absence of bugs when purchasing. If you find that there are holes and affect the fastness of the bamboo strips, you cannot purchase them.
When making bamboo products, in order to prevent bamboo products from cracking, a layer of varnish is applied on the surface of the bamboo products, but the reverse white billet cannot be varnished, so that the humidity of the bamboo products can be maintained so as not to crack. Drying ventilation is the most important factor in protecting bamboo products. Therefore, the bamboo products should be placed in a dry place. If they are often placed in a damp, dark place, it is easy for the bamboo products to become moldy.