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Bamboo furniture expensive? Which kind of bamboo furniture and wood furniture is better?


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Bamboo furniture expensive? Which kind of bamboo furniture and wood furniture is better?

Through the selection and change of materials, it has been diversified in style to meet the needs of consumers at different levels. The price of bamboo furniture is relatively moderate, and the price of a two-bedroom furniture is around 50,000 yuan. Its quality is much better than that of Chinese fir, and it is more upscale and elegant than Chinese fir furniture. Of course, this is bamboo glulam furniture, original bamboo furniture with excellent manufacturing techniques and heavy bamboo furniture with old mahogany furniture, and the price is much higher. For ordinary bamboo glulam furniture, the price of a set of sofas is between 5,000 and 10,000 yuan, and a set of dinettes is between 3,000 and 5,000 yuan. The price and grade are obviously better than that of panel furniture and ordinary solid wood furniture. It is easy for the consumer market to accept, and ordinary white-collar workers and ordinary families can afford it.
Bamboo furniture is not a new thing, but has existed since ancient times, such as bamboo beds that people over the age of 40 had commonly slept, as well as bamboo recliners that people generally like to use. It seems that bamboo furniture seems to have been eliminated, and its realization of bamboo furniture is still unknown to many people. Whether from environmental protection, durability or comfort, bamboo furniture is not comparable to modern panel furniture, even stronger than ordinary solid wood furniture. Moreover, bamboo does not have dust accumulation, dew condensation, and easy to clean properties, so that it avoids the propagation of fleas and is particularly suitable for people with allergies.
Appearance and wood are no different
In the high furniture exhibition hall, a series of full-scale bamboo furniture was newly exhibited, including screens, cabinets, sand, coffee table, and chairs, which can fully meet all the needs of the home. When the reporter first saw it, he thought it was solid wood furniture because there was almost no difference between the appearance and the solid wood furniture. The product itself had a full head structure and there were basically no hardware accessories. The reporter is wondering what kind of wood the striped texture belongs to. The salesman told reporters that this is all bamboo furniture, including bamboo frames. Touching by hand is indeed cooler than normal solid wood furniture.
"Now bamboo furniture can't be the same as old bamboo furniture." A designer told reporters that bamboo's natural color, elasticity, moisture resistance, high hardness, and made a bold breakthrough in style design, especially bamboo integration Wood furniture, on the basis of retaining traditional streamlined bamboo furniture, incorporates many Chinese or classical or modern furniture elements, and has achieved a perfect combination of fashion and environmental protection, elegance and comfort. Remember that Beijing Olympic Olympic Committee Chairman Roger's office used furniture? Ming and Qing style, hand-carved, it is not mahogany furniture, but heavy bamboo furniture. Heavy bamboo is made by drawing bamboo into silk and pressing it. Its density and hardness are even higher than bamboo lacquered furniture, which is almost comparable to old mahogany furniture.
Bamboo furniture has many advantages
Bamboo's moisture absorption and heat absorption performance is higher than that of wood. It is resistant to corrosion, is not easy to wear, is not easy to be deformed, is harder and denser than wood, has higher compressive and bending strength, elegant texture, and can automatically adjust humidity and moisture resistance. Low, with the characteristics of cool in winter and cool in summer. Many people do not know that bamboo has the function of absorbing ultraviolet rays. If bamboo furniture is used, the eyes can feel comfortable when living indoors, which can prevent the occurrence and deterioration of eye diseases such as myopia. Moreover, bamboo has good sound-absorbing and sound-insulating properties, which can effectively eliminate noise and make the room more peaceful. Slub pattern is clear and beautiful. Even the surface of bamboo glulam has natural dense and straight textures. The surface of bamboo glulam produced by modern technology has carbonized flat pressure, carbonized lateral pressure, natural lateral pressure, natural flat pressure, and lateral pressure zebra pattern. Bamboo laminated timber production after a certain degree of hydrothermal carbonization, the finished product is good sealing, can effectively prevent insects and mildew.
Compared with wooden furniture, bamboo has strong physical and mechanical properties, so under the same bearing strength, the new bamboo composite furniture components can meet the strength requirements with a smaller size, making the furniture appear more lightweight in the overall shape, and more Can reflect the rigidity of bamboo and the beauty of power. The new type of bamboo glulam furniture pays attention to the simple, clean and smooth lines and the pursuit of diversification of furniture functions. Through various applications of materials and rich color changes, it makes the style diversified to meet the needs of different levels of consumers. . Moreover, the new bamboo glulam furniture design can be integrated with the architectural design and interior design relationships and has the function of carrying space integration.
Trapped by traditional bamboo furniture
Since bamboo furniture has such a large number of advantages, why does the market react badly? “The burden on traditional bamboo furniture is limited and consumer perception is limited.” Experts told reporters. China started to use bamboo furniture as early as ancient times, such as the bamboo beds that many people had used when they were young. Bamboo used in these bamboo furniture had not undergone any modern antiseptic treatment, and it was prone to insect infestation, cracking, and even rot. The bamboo furniture that only began to appear in the past two years has solved many problems of the original bamboo furniture, and even can be carved and parqueted. It can completely replace the current solid wood furniture in terms of appearance and quality, and it is even worse than it is. The reporter found in a furniture city that there is cheap sales of the original bamboo furniture, and the furniture market also has a lot of antique bamboo furniture to sell, but rarely full bamboo furniture, generally more mixed with other materials, and bamboo is more than a supporting role. The bamboo is usually made of bamboo, combined with solid wood of similar color, or a combination of vines and willows that are as soft and cool as the texture.
Bamboo furniture prices are moderate
If the market is promoted, bamboo glulam furniture will probably replace the current middle-end furniture and low-end solid wood furniture. Judging from the current production process, bamboo lamella furniture can be roughly divided into three types: one is the traditional furniture mainly consisting of splicing, and the shape and structure are similar to the traditional hardwood furniture. The second is a modern panel-type bamboo glulam panel furniture that can be processed in standard type parts. The third is curved furniture. Based on traditional round bamboo furniture, it mainly exerts better flexibility in the longitudinal direction of the bamboo. Through high-temperature firing, the bamboo can be bent freely and bent into various shapes. It looks natural and beautiful. In one go. At present, bamboo furniture can fully realize the industrialization of production and the modularization of furniture. The overall design advocates the natural, simple, and environmentally friendly qualities.