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Bamboo maintenance

Since ancient times, China has had a strong history of bamboo products. From small bamboo sticks to large furniture, it all reflects our country's love of bamboo. However, bamboo products are actually very fragile. If they are improperly maintained, mildew, bacteria, and even insects will easily occur. Today, Xiao Bian will give you a detailed introduction to the maintenance methods for bamboo products.
Bamboo product maintenance method
Such as cabinets, bookshelves, lounge chairs and other large pieces of bamboo furniture, usually remove the dirt in the gap, and rinse with water, dried. Especially for bamboo tools that are not used temporarily, they should be washed, dried, and then stored on a dry, ventilated place. Prepare enough beforehand, if conditions are just enough to buy bamboo products, apply varnish and cooked tung oil. This is a good thing that can prevent fleas, make it durable, and make it beautiful. Newly-produced small and medium sized bamboo devices such as baskets, mats, etc., are preferably steam re-steamed at high temperatures.
Bamboo products maintenance method II
After 2-3 hours of steaming, the insects and microorganisms hidden in the bamboo can be completely killed. It is also possible to soak bamboo utensils for 1-2 days with boiling water and a certain amount of salt, and to prevent the occurrence of insect gall. If insects are found, the following methods can be used to remove the insects: First, use appropriate amount of pepper or pepper, chop to the end, stuff into the bore hole, and flush with boiling water to prevent insects from spreading; It is blended with kerosene and trace amounts of dichlorvos, and it is added to the boreholes to kill locusts. However, this method is not suitable for baskets, cabinets and other food storage bamboo utensils to prevent accidents.
Bamboo products maintenance method three
Physical methods include high-temperature method, immersion method, smoke method, atmosphere modification method, far-infrared method, microwave method, and ray method. The advantages of these methods are pollution-free and five-remains poison. Disadvantages are bamboo or bamboo products after treatment. If they are improperly stored, they may be re-infested with roundworms and molds. In addition, bamboo that is cut in the spring is vulnerable to insects, and bamboo that is felled in winter is not susceptible to insects. Therefore, bamboo cutting should be arranged as much as possible in the winter. In addition, bamboo materials after harvesting should be transported to the production site for use as soon as possible, or use insect repellent and mothproof treatment to reduce insect infestation and mildew.
Bamboo product maintenance method 4
Chemical methods include coating, impregnation, cooking, fumigation, and pressure injection. The advantages of these methods are good anti-mite and anti-corrosion effects and long time. The disadvantage is that some drugs are toxic, and they are easy to cause pollution to products and the environment. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, environmental protection requirements and standards for bamboo insect repellents, preservatives, and fungicides are also increasing. For example, CCA, PCP, and other preservatives have been banned in Europe, and CCB and CCF are mainly used. , and ACQ and other preservatives.
Although the bamboo product maintenance methods mentioned above do not guarantee that the beloved bamboo products will always be in good condition, they can also be used for three or five years.