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What exactly is a bamboo product?

China is also the earliest country in the world to research, cultivate and use bamboo. From the tremendous role bamboo plays in the development of Chinese history and culture and the formation of spiritual culture, it is not difficult to see that the relationship between bamboo and the long standing relationship between Chinese painting and painting and the construction of Chinese gardens, and the close relationship between bamboo and the people’s lives. The country of civilization." No species of plants can have such a profound impact on Chinese civilization as bamboo. So today Xiao Bian will take everyone to know exactly what the benefits of bamboo products are.
1. Bamboo furniture is free from chemical pollution, pure environmental protection furniture, and it has a strong heat absorption capacity. It also maintains the natural green color of bamboo. Bamboo furniture maintains the unique texture of bamboo. Bamboo furniture uses special glue, green and green, and it will not be harmful to human body.
2. Bamboo has its unique natural texture. The texture is clearly visible, giving people a rustic and elegant freshness, bamboo joints and beautiful appearance.
3, bamboo melts in the furniture, the noble reveals elegant and warm, but also brings warm winter and cool summer, bamboo has the properties of moisture absorption and heat absorption, the summer can absorb sweat, can also bring warmth in the cold winter days , Or with a cushion, more soft and comfortable.
4. Bamboo furniture adopts natural bamboo, which is a renewable resource and has a short production time. Bamboo furniture made of bamboo is natural and environmentally friendly. People who advocate environmental protection are regarded as a new choice for fashion home.
5, bamboo furniture, there are few people know the function of absorbing ultraviolet light, make the eyes more comfortable and prevent myopia. Bamboo also has an acoustic effect, making the home more peaceful.
Disadvantages of bamboo furniture:
Bamboo Glulam Furniture undergoes hydrothermal carbonization in the production process, which can effectively prevent moths and molds. Although there are many advantages of bamboo furniture, bamboo furniture still does not respond well in the market. Caused by this reaction is rooted in people's misunderstanding of the current bamboo furniture, consumers generally believe that bamboo furniture has not undergone any anti-corrosion, anti-mite and other treatment, prone to insects, cracking phenomenon.