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Bamboo can be used as a whole body

Bamboo is one of the "three friends of the year". Chinese medicine believes that all parts of bamboo body can be used as medicine. Such as bamboo leaves, Zhuru, bamboo shoots, etc., each site has a different health effects of rickets.
Bamboo leaves
Also known as light bamboo leaves, dry stems and leaves of the bamboo grasses of Gramineae, cold, sweet and light, into the heart, lungs, gallbladder, stomach, with heat Chufan, Sheng Jin diuretic effect for the treatment of fever polythiamine Children with epilepsy, cough reflex spit, face red, short urine, mouth sore tongue embolism. "Drugification and justice" contains: "Bamboo leaves are fragrant, with a bitter taste, cool, and pungent smell. Indications of summer heat and diabetes, chest enthusiasm, typhoid fever, cough and anti-asthma, all are good agents." . Modern pharmacological studies have shown that the flavonoids and coumarins contained in bamboo leaves have good resistance to free radicals, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-fatigue, hypolipidemic, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, liver protection, and expansion. Capillaries, dredge microcirculation, activate the brain, promote memory, improve sleep, fight cancer, beautify the skin and other effects. The study also confirmed that light bamboo leaves have inhibitory effects on Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. It is used for clearing diuresis, treating mouth and mouth sores caused by blazing fire, little urine and red, or hot soreness, and exogenous wind and heat.
Zhu Ru
Also known as light bamboo ru, bamboo skin, for the grass stem plant stem bamboo stem removed after the outer skin scraped off the middle layer, into a curly twisted filamentous group shape, medicine can be used, can also mix ginger water and Zhu Ru fully mix , set the pan fry made into ginger Zhuru. Its cool, sweet and bitter taste, into the stomach, gall bladder, with heat phlegm, defecation and vomiting effect, for the treatment of sputum fever cough, gallbladder fire, irritability, vomiting, convulsions, insomnia, stroke Sheng Sheng, strong tongue Do not speak, stomach vomiting, pregnancy resistance, fetal movement anxiety. "Drugification and justice" contains: "Bamboo Ru, light can go to reality, cold energy to heat, bitter to fall, special heat phlegm, for Ning Shen Kai Yu quality goods. Attending stomach phlegm, stomach empty retching, hot cough Converse, hot and nausea, alcohol, vomiting, sour water, convulsions, uproar, restless sleep, this is a gall bladder diarrhea disease, can be effective."
Bamboo Lek
Also known as bamboo juice, light bamboo Lek, for the grass stems of bamboo stems with fire roasted out of the juice, cold, taste sweet and sorrow, into the heart, stomach, with heat phlegm, the effect of shocking. "Compendium of Herbal Medicine" contains: "Zhuli" "Breeze Reduces Fire, Runzao Runge, Nourishing Yin, Libiao and Eyesight. Treating Stroke in the Wind, Enthralling, Crazy, Depressing Diabetes and Blood Deficiency "Khan" is a medicine for clearing away heat and phlegm. "Bamboo Leking is used to reach up and down. It can be lowered and plucked up and down. It can be lowered if it is in the top of a dome, it can be opened in the chest, and it can be scattered in all four limbs. The Meridian can be used as a gimmick, and it can be used on the skin outside the skin.” In order to treat bamboo drains on behalf of the tea, drinking for a few days can cure diabetes and urination; bamboo lees add ginger juice, and the gallbladder is the end of the star, and the natural bezoar mixes well. Service, can cure children with convulsions, limbs convulsions; rule stroke strokes ecstasy take bamboo lees, raw Pueraria juice, ginger juice, mix warm clothes.
Bamboo heart
Also known as bamboo needles and bamboo cores, the young leaves that are tender and unopened for tender bamboo leaves have the same taste and effect as bamboo leaves. They have the effect of clearing the heart and eliminating heat and quenching summer heat and thirst quenching. Warm heart disease bored, dizziness and other evidence. "Bencao again new" on the record: "(bamboo roll heart) Qingxin Xiehuo, detoxification Chufan, Qingshu Lishi, thirst and fluid." With its bubble service on behalf of the tea, can cure recurrent aphthous and chronic prostatitis.
Bamboo Yellow
Also known as Scorpio yellow and bamboo ointment, it is a blocky substance that is formed by the accumulation of injurious fluids accumulated in the bamboo after the bite of the bamboo wasps by the parasitized bamboo wasps such as grasses such as the green grass bamboo. There are few natural producers of this product. Most of them adopt the method of burning bamboo forest. After the bamboo is overheated, the bamboo leach is solidified in the intervening period, and then it is cut to dry. Its cold, sweet, with heat and phlegm, cool heart given the effect of scared, often used to treat fever, faint idioms, stroke infatuation, children convulsions, epilepsy embolism. The "Materia Medica Speech" contains: "The sky is yellow, the impregnation is good, and the panic is also the medicine of the panic. The Lee's (Jiao Zhen) 曰 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 其 竹 竹 而 而 而 而 而 而There is a cold-sliding power; bamboo yellow is slow, emptying antipyretic, and it is more likely to be awesome. "Baolong Pills" and "Lixian Pills" in "Pediatric Syndrome" have bamboo yellow medicine.
Bamboo shoots
The new shoots of Gramineae bamboo are divided into winter shoots, spring bamboo shoots, and whip bamboo shoots (summer picking) according to the harvest season. Bamboo shoots are very nutritious and can be eaten with high medicinal value. Its slightly cold, sweet, with Yi Qi appetizers, heat phlegm, Tongli waterway effect, often used to treat poor appetite, Hyperactivity cough, Diabetes embolism. The “Qian Jin Fang” of the Tang Dynasty physician Sun Siyi contained: “The bamboo shoots are sweet and non-toxic, they mainly thirst, they are beneficial to waterways, and they are good for strength and can eat for a long time.” Modern pharmacological studies have shown that dietary fiber contained in bamboo shoots can increase intestinal water content. Storage capacity, easy to discharge softened feces, play a role in promoting intestinal peristalsis, help digestion, Tom Lee fad. At the same time, its detoxification function can also reduce the occurrence of gastrointestinal cancer and breast cancer.
There are also bamboo clothes (inner lining of gold bamboo stems) and bamboo essence (liquid juice in Hsinchu lumen). The bamboo clothing treats the throat, the throat, and the bamboo fineness. It can be said that "the whole body of bamboo is a treasure and it is treated with medicine to treat the disease."