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Domestic marketing center: Room 1718, Building 3, Wankuntu Fortune Plaza, Xiangzhang Road, Changsha City, Hunan Province
Production Base: Yuanjiatuan Industrial Park, Suining County, Hunan Province   
Tel : +86-0731-8461-9102
Fax : +86-0731-8461-9127
Cell phone : +86-132-7220-2677 ( Mr. Li )

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Company culture

Company culture

Company culture
Bamboo furniture is an emerging low carbon industry. As bamboo grows fast, and the bamboo material has high hardness, and super strong toughness, it is an ideal material to replace wood furniture, which has obvious effect in protecting forest. Bamboo industry integrates good ecological, economic and social benefits. China Bamboo Industry Association advocates: Bamboo industry in China should set green industry and low carbon economy as the goal, and take the path of circular economy and green industry.